Just Beet It Juice

Beet It

I loved Michael Jackson as a kid.  Actually I still do, I just don't have pictures of him plastered to my bedroom wall.  I don't think James would approve:)  Therefore I love the name of this juice!  And as I've posted before we love juicing.  I own both a juicer and a Vitamix and if I had to chose between the two, my Hurom Juicer would be the winner.  I have used it almost daily for the last 3 years.  True story!  James and I have a Green ... ...continue reading

Chocolate Babka


It really was as good as it looked.  I don't think I've ever made a bread quite like this.  There's a ton of butter in the dough.  I mean, I've made some doughs enriched with butter and eggs, but nothing like this.  And you know what?  It was a beautiful dough.  Super tender and delicious.  We loved it!   I was hoping to make a bread pudding with the second loaf, but it never made it that far.  We ate it.  Slice by slice with lots of yummy sounds ... ...continue reading

Pumpkin Pancakes


I am that mother.  I am the one, who thinks about what I'm going to make for dinner all day, yet when it comes right down to actually making it, I struggle!  Nothing sounds good, everyone is heading different places all night long,  nobody will give me a suggestion on what to make, yet they're the first to grumble.  Does any of this sound familiar?  So we had pancakes last night for dinner:)  And they were good, and everyone seemed pleased, and ... ...continue reading

Quinoa Protein Power Waffle


I think this is probably the most used recipe at my house. It is definitely my favorite breakfast. It's not the waffle that you'd make for Saturday morning breakfast, or a big fancy family brunch. It IS the waffle that you make every other day of the week though:) The recipe is a single serving, but I can pump out a bunch of these if needed. It's usually James and Emma and I that love a good Power Waffle. That's what we call them around here. A ... ...continue reading

My Kids Favorite Morning Juice


My kids drink this juice EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!  It has become a little bit of a ritual at our home in the mornings.  Dad makes the sandwiches for the kids lunches, Emma cooks short order eggs, or Huevos Rancheros, or Cinnamon Toast for the brothers, and I juice the good stuff! Even my picky red headed child loves this juice.  At least I know they've got a good start to their day, and if they don't get smarter at school that day, it is totally not ... ...continue reading

Steel Cut Oats (Jamba Juice Style)


I have always really liked eating oatmeal for breakfast.  I like those little instant packets, quick cooking oats, old fashioned rolled oats, but my absolute favorite is Steel Cut Oats.  Steel Cut Oats is a less refined oatmeal.  It is actually oat groats or the oat kernel or berry, cracked or cut into a smaller size.  You can actually do this to a lot of different grains.  I love to crack wheat berries, or rye, or barley.  In their "whole" ... ...continue reading

Swiss Chard Breakfast Hash

Swiss Chard Breakfast Hash

Doesn't the title sound so romantic?  My neighbor George (so I only have 1 neighbor, but he's a great neighbor!) is going to tease me for eating something like this:)  I've made a few things that I shared on Instagram that were'nt his favorite.  He may have said something like, "OOOooo!", but on the other hand he's the first to tell me when something looks good too.   He's even volunteered his tasting talents a few times.  That's what a good ... ...continue reading

Raspberry Cream Cheese Breakfast Cake


In all reality, this delightful confection is a Coffee Cake.  But since the named implied more than I wanted to explain to my children in their younger years, I followed the idea of a favorite friend, and renamed it BREAKFAST CAKE.  The name Breakfast Cake suggests everything good about this dish.  We eat it at breakfast, and we don't feel guilty about eating cake for breakfast since it is specifically made for this purpose.  (I will tell you ... ...continue reading

Honey Citrus Salad (My Absolute Fave!)


I love this salad!!!  My grandma made it for me a few years ago, and I was thoroughly impressed.  I think I may have licked the bowl.  Since having this salad the first time, I seem to make it for almost every meal now.  I love that citrus are at their prime this time of year.  It's so great that whenever I walk into Walmart during the winter months there are a ton of choices of fun different kinds of oranges.  We go through the Cuties ... ...continue reading

Morning Glory Muffin


I think I might be a little out of style here.  Are muffins even IN style now?  I love muffins!  Especially when they are actually cake disguised as something less dessert-ish.  Cake minus the frosting is a muffin in my mind, and a muffin is breakfast.  It's good for you, and it's portable, and it's easy to make and full of all sorts of good things.  Muffins were probably one of the very first things I ever learned to make as a kid.  I was ... ...continue reading