Why A Baker’s Wife?

Well to be perfectly honest, that’s exactly what I am!  I married a very handsome baker 20+ years ago, and we are still rolling in the dough to this day.  That’s everyone’s favorite baker joke:)  James and I opened our first Great Harvest Bread Company  19 years ago in Pocatello, ID.  2 weeks later we welcomed our first child into our family.  We now own the Great Harvest in Logan Utah (and have 4 more children!).  We’ve been baking the best dang bread for 16 years, and have loved living in Cache Valley.  Owning a bakery is AWESOME!  We started our bakery fresh out of college with a little bit of money, a lot of hard work, and determination.  It has been a great life.  You know the funny thing is though, I usually am out of bread at home.


What Happened To Clawson Live?

Clawsonlive.com was where I started blogging in late 2008.  I loved it there, and it all started when I wanted to share some of my memories and recipes.  In Nov. 2005 we won a contest with The Food Network titled “Cooking With Your Kids”.  We had to enter a 5 minute video of just that.  Us cooking with our family.  Well we loved watching Emeril Live, and when the video was done we decided to title it Clawson Live!  It was in all actuality a music video.  There was way to much chaos to really try and demonstrate a recipe.  But it turned out cute.  And obviously The Food Network liked it.  We won!  Our family was able to fly to NYC to visit The Food Network studios and sit in on a taping of Emeril Live as well as cook dinner with the other 3 families and Emeril.  It was the trip of a lifetime!!  1 Week in Times Square, lots of yummy food, fun, and the best weather that year.

So when I decided to start blogging I just continued on with the Clawson Live name.  Fast forward a few years and the name isn’t real relevant in a food blogging world.  I needed somethings that represented who I was to a broader audience.  And really I had someone ask me what my blog’s name was, I told them Clawson Live and their reply was, “Well that’s stupid!”  I laughed and they laughed and I got to work figuring out a new name for the blog.


Do You Really Live In Paradise?

Yup!  I do!  Actually I live in a little area North of Eden and South of Paradise.  Kind of amazing:)  I raise chickens, kids, a garden, and bees.


Does Your Baker Husband Cook At Home?

NO!  And he’s not a very good dishwasher either:)  If his batch size doesn’t make 75 loaves of bread at a time than he’s not interested.  But he does love to eat what I cook.