Just Beet It Juice

Beet ItI loved Michael Jackson as a kid.  Actually I still do, I just don’t have pictures of him plastered to my bedroom wall.  I don’t think James would approve:)  Therefore I love the name of this juice!  And as I’ve posted before we love juicing.  I own both a juicer and a Vitamix and if I had to chose between the two, my Hurom Juicer would be the winner.  I have used it almost daily for the last 3 years.  True story!  James and I have a Green Lemonade just about every day, and my kids have their favorite Morning Juice before school each day too.  I’ve done the juice cleanses, and I’m a fan, but it’s not my everyday thing.  I like food:)  But I will and do drink 32oz. of juice most mornings just because I love how I feel.  Here’s the things we’ve noticed as a family.

First off we are eating a lot of fruits and veggies.  ALOT!  I feel good about that.

Second, I’ve noticed a difference in my skin and hair.  Also James’ skin.  It’s clear, and there’s a little something like a twinkle in your eyes when you eat this many fruits and veggies.  No lie, and I’m not trying to exaggerate.  I can see a difference that I like!

And lastly, it just feels good to drink these juices.  Like liquid life is infused into your body.  Corny, I know:)

So here’s a new variation on my kids favorite Morning Juice.  Loaded with oranges and carrots and now with the addition of beets I REALLY like it.  It is very earthy tasting, and adding a little nub of ginger is fantastic too.  This recipe is just a suggestion, and please feel free to add what you have.  Substitute things, and try new variations.  That’s usually how I find new favorites:)

Just Beet It Juice


  • 6oranges peeled
  • 2 apples
  • 8-12 large carrots
  • 1/4 pineapple peeled
  • 1 large or 2 medium beets cleaned and scrubbed
  • I usually add the beet greens too if they look good
  • 1 inch nub of fresh ginger (optional)


Wash and peel the fruits and veggies and send through juicer. If you like ginger go ahead and add it. It is strong, and sometimes I use it and sometimes I'm not in the mood. You decide. Makes approx 1-2 quarts juice. I usually add a little water if it isn't exactly 2 quarts. Adjust amount of fruit and veggies according to desired amount of juice. Serve immediately:)



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