The Bird

I don’t mean to be crude or rude, or vulgar, but I have to admit that every time I walked out my door to my garden I was met with the sight of this lovely Blue Spruce giving me the bird.   Can you see it?  Seriously, every day I got a little tickle inside when I saw this tree.  I do believe the Lord has a HUGE sense of humor:)  Don’t you think?

The tree has now straightened out its finger into a more appropriate pose, and is growing happily.  It sure made me happy.


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    haha, lisa! :) you are awesome!! even before i continued reading your post i saw the photo on the right and thought the exact same thing! :)

    hope you are all well. we miss you guys!

    much love,
    senja & mikael

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    I just had to show this one to Nic. We got a good giggle out of this post! I think it made us miss you a bit though:) There is only one Lisa and we love her!

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