Continue in Patience

If you can believe it………I just found out about these Mormon Messages.  Where have I been.  I sat at my computer the other day watching and watching and watching.  A real treat.  This is a favorite!  Just thought I’d share and I can’t wait to share some other favorites.  I’m waiting for my second marshmellow too:)


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    This is my favorite one! I was actually going to post it to my blog too! :) I can’t believe you are just hearing about them! I LOVE them! This one has such a great message. I watch it all the time just for the reminder. :)

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    Where have you been, Honey? We use these for FHE almost every week. You can also sign up and every time a new one comes out, and they will email it to you. You will also like It has all these videos of members that tell their story, like Jane Clayson has one. You could watch these for hours too. Love ya.

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