So, I’m A Bread Digger

It’s true.  I’m a bread digger!  I only married James because he was tall dark and handsome, (and I’d never dated that before), for his Polo rugby shirt, and because I’m a bread digger.  Mind you I wasn’t a gold digger.  He had no gold to dig for, but boy did he have bread!  J started at GH shortly after we started dating and that was the clincher for me.  I remember the first time I ate Great Harvest Honey Whole Wheat bread.  It was this time of year, and we were having BLT’s for dinner.  Oh heaven forbid!  I ate 3 of them by myself.  Does anyone remember that day?  Mom, Hollie, Brothers?  We didn’t even toast the bread.  We ate it like it was candy, and I knew from that moment I must marry the boy who had baked that bread.  

I call that my first Great Harvest moment.  I’ve had a few.  You know the kind.  Like a lovely Fri. morning and I just happen to drop by the bakery as the Apple Crumble is coming out of the oven.  I cut a huge slice and then slather it with peanut butter.  Or how about coming into the bakery early and making a turkey sandwich on fresh Cranberry Orange!   I love it!  Actually, I am a complete bread snob.  I don’t even bother with bread unless it is the perfect loaf, that smells just right, isn’t over baked, and reminds me of that first sandwich with homemade tomatoes.  We had another bread moment Sunday for dinner.  BLT’s with roasted chicken and avocados.  The lettuce was out of my garden too.  Meals like that just make me smile:)
So now you know.  I’m a bread digger!  I sleep with a baker that makes the best bread in this world, and I love his stinking guts!  Mind you he has a few other great qualities too.  He’s the man!  I hope you have a Great Harvest Bread Co. somewhere close by and if not……well crap.  You might as well bend over and kiss your bum goodbye.  Or come to my house.  I’ll make you the best BLT you’ve ever had and then maybe I’ll make a treat too:)


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    I love you Lisa!!! You seriously should be on television. I would totally watch you. You have the best way with words that makes others feel like you sitting and talking with just them. I loved this post…….especially the kissin bum part :) I did just discover that we have a GH (that is great harvest not general hospital) about 9 miles from our house. Their menu is wrong though….where is the Claswon line-up of bread?? I am going to have to go and check it out though …. they have pizza bread hummmmm maybe mmmmmmm! If not I will swing by your place for a sandwich and of course the treat you mentioned!!!

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    Ok, so I have shared your website with all my Eagle friends and neighbors because it is the best dang food I have ever tasted. Yes, you are right up there with your grandmother and auntie Jean. I truly believe you should some day try out for the next food network queen. Your witty personality and food that could kick anyone’s bootey would get you a show for sure. Better yet, Holly and you could do it together! I think we have a new food network show. “The sisters at their best” you both could make us all laugh so hard we would have to wear depends while watching. Keep it up!
    Your second cuz.

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    lisa james told me to leave my blog on here so we could keep in touch maybe hang out sometime! it would be fun to see you. it’s

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    Lisa….don’t know if you remember me. I used to smooch your little bro, Marc. My sister in law, Casha Stowers, turned me on to your blog. You’re just as funny as I remember and I love all the fun recipes. Your family is so cute. I just about died when I saw Jed……he was born when I hung out with Marc.

    Thanks for letting me take a peek into your life! I’m gonna steal some of your recipes, too.

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    I just found you on Cyd’s blog and thought I’d pop by. I’m a sucker for a good foodie blog. You’ve got a good one, I’ll be back for more!

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