Spring Green Risotto with Poached Egg


This ended up being a very light, and yummy Sunday dinner a few weeks ago.  With the appearance of lovely asparagus, and the price hitting the floor for the stuff, I knew I wanted to make this recipe.  The asparagus was blanched until just barely cooked, and the peas went in at the last moment.   But with all things lovely and wonderful and delicious, I had to add a runny egg:)  That made the whole dish I thought. There's kind of a textural ... ...continue reading

Chicken Salad with Sugar Spiced Pecans


Sounds fancy smancy huh?  It's not.  Not a single thing fancy about this, but dang it tastes delish!  I love Chicken Salad Sandwiches.  Not too mayo-y, and loaded with lots of crunchy things.  On a croissant, or Honey Whole Wheat from Great Harvest, or homemade Focaccia it all makes me happy.  Last week James had to come home a little earlier than normal from work.  Something to do with taxes and gathering, sorting, categorizing and other really ... ...continue reading

Roasted Tomato Rice Bisque


This is a delicious soup.  My mom loves this soup.  I found this recipe YEARS ago in a Martha Stewart Living Mag.  I've changed it up quite a bit to suit my tastes.  It is so simple, yet has such a great flavor.  I made this a few weeks ago with the last of my cherry tomatoes from the garden.  They actually lasted into the first part of Nov.  It's always such a treat to eat homegrown tomatoes through Nov.  Don't think that roasting tomatoes is a ... ...continue reading

The Sam’s Ham Sammie


The Great Harvest bakery question I probably get asked the most is, "Who came up with your sandwich ideas?" And honestly I can say..............ME!  Actually my sister, my mom, my dad, cousins, brothers and lots of other places.  I get inspiration from everywhere.   Our best selling sandwich, The Swede Turkey Pesto, was and idea from my sister Hollie, and my brother Marc and his wife Susan.   We had a Clawson Gourmet Night years ago to try out ... ...continue reading



Yummy White Chocolate Marshmallow Popcorn,  beautiful spring Emma with a bouquet of the first signs of Spring in Avon- Curly Jacks, Orange Rolls my personal fave, Gingersnap Fruit Pizza, Dilly Rolls, Creme Brulee Berry Pie AKA "Navine Pie- Oh My!"I think this is my Granny's favorite thing on the planet, Chinese Pork Roast James' favorite Sunday dinner, Scones, Potato Fennel and Leek Gratin, Sheet Pan Sugar CookiesThanks Colette, Curly Jacks, ... ...continue reading