Lemon Glazed Gingerbread Madeleines


I took part again this year in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap.  It always sounds so fun and festive when I sign up in Oct., but by the time cookies are due to be shipped, I'm swamped!!  I'm sure it's the same with everyone else who plays along, and there is nothing like getting a package of goodness from the post office.  Three lovely ladies sent me cookies.  Sarah from Frankly Entertaining sent a yummy Triple Ginger Chocolate cookie. Nicole ... ...continue reading

Caramel Dipped Pretzel Rods


I made these for Jed the other day:)  (He's on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Albania.) Every summer on the last day before school starts our family heads out on an adventure.  We call it our "Last Day of Freedom!"  We make a specific playlist for our iPods, we usually eat breakfast at the Oaks in Ogden Canyon, and then we have the best day doing something just a little special.  For many years we'd head over the ... ...continue reading

Razzleberry Pie


*This is a re-post from last year.  It's one of those recipes that has to be posted every year.  It is the most searched for recipe on the blog.  I just made 5 more of these beauties for my own freezer.  I may or may not take them to Thanksgiving:)  Enjoy!This is by far the most search for recipe on my blog.  And I can't blame anyone for that.  It is the best pie!  Hands down, there is no other pie on the planet that is as tasty as this ... ...continue reading

100% Whole Wheat Blender Pancakes


I have a particular preference for MY morning pancake.  I have a recipe that I dare say IS the absolute best pancake on the planet.  Nothing can compare.  It's perfection, and so versatile.  I can turn it into Ham and Cheese Waffles, Banana Nut Pancakes, Chocolate Chip Pancakes, and even a crunchy Johnny Cake version of a pancake with the addition of a little corn meal.  It is simple and burned into my mind and I can whip any of the above ... ...continue reading

Homemade Greek Yogurt


I'm in love!  I'm in heaven every morning when I eat my homemade yogurt and granola:)  It actually took me an entire mile of running this morning to tell my girls how excited I was with this recipe!  So the granola may not always be homemade by me, but my husband makes a great granola at Great Harvest each week.  I can't complain.  I'm probably spoiled:)  A favorite friend of mine shared this recipe with me and I'm so glad she did!   I have come ... ...continue reading

Lion House Rolls


Just thinking of Thanksgiving coming around the corner.  It won't actually be at my home this year.  Very seldom is it, but still we must have a proper Thanksgiving Dinner at the Clawson household.  It's usually the Sunday before, but I MUST have leftovers at MY home when the big meal is over.  To be truly honest, and forthwith I could do without the main meal.  Yup!  I just said it, BUT the main meal produces the leftovers so I guess it really ... ...continue reading

Thai Coconut Pumpkin Soup


I love soup!  Always have, and I always will.  Whenever I eat out, I most often choose soup over salad.  I should qualify that statement though.  I'm picky, and I'm not going to choose a generic soup.  I'm not going to choose chicken noodle, or even a tomato bisque over a glorious house made Caesar Salad with homemade croutons, and dressing.  BUT I will be persuaded away from that perfect salad by interesting soup options.  Tempt me with a ... ...continue reading

Blackberry Peach Cobbler


I love this recipe.  I love this time of year too!  Nothing better than the peaches.  Well actually the peaches were perfect a few weeks ago, and the snow and cold have quickly put an end to that.   My mom has three of the most glorious peach trees on the planet.  They produce the biggest, most lovely peaches every Sept.  I bottle peaches, turn them into jam, dehydrate them into fruit leather, and eat them plain in a bowl of mild until I can't ... ...continue reading

Tomato Cucumber and Avocado Salad


Also known as my favorite salad on the planet!  I know it's Oct., and my garden should be long gone, but I baby it these last few weeks.  I do everything in my power to keep it going just a little longer.   I remember the first year I was married to James and we lived in a cute little house in Ogden.  I had planted about 6 tomato plants.  That was my extent of gardening, but I remember by Nov. I was praying those tomatoes would just DIE.  In Avon ... ...continue reading

Sweet Bee Berry Crepes


I have a new way to love crepes.  There's always the question of what to put on your crepe.  Nutella, Biscoff Spread, sweetened cream mixture with berries, bananas and strawberries, Nutella and bananas. Oh my word I could go on and on and on!  There are so many good ways to eat a crepe, but I think I've found a new favorite!!  We have the cutest little place in town called The Crepery.   Emma and I love it!  You can get a sweet or savory crepe ... ...continue reading