Green Lemonade Perfected

Green Lemonade Perfected

As a kid I was lucky enough to live next door to one of my grandmas.   I remember being outside in my yard on warm summer nights, and I could hear my grandma sneeze as she was outside sitting in a swing.  I'd yell to her, "Bless you!"  and then you'd hear her say, "Thank You!"  I was lucky.  My grandma's house was the hub of all activity.  With cousins living on each side, grandma's house was where we'd meet, and begin our adventures for the day. ... ...continue reading

Chocolate Quinoa Cream Cake


First off I must post this disclaimer. I am NOT opposed to gluten in any way, shape, or form. In fact, my livelihood is dependant on gluten. I'm ROOTIN' FOR GLUTEN in fact. I own a whole wheat bakery, and therefore it is an enormous part of my life, and I love it and eat it every single day:) So this isn't a post on being gluten free. This is a post that just HAPPENS to be gluten free, and it was so intriguing to me, and the recipe used an ... ...continue reading

Spicy Beans and Greens Stew


Can I share my love of Bon Appetit Magazine. I absolutely love it, and I love the recipes I find between it's pages EVERY SINGLE MONTH! I rip at least one recipe out of the mag every time I read. (Yesterday I read the Mar. issue and I have 6 recipes to try! Heaven!) This recipe was featured in the Feb. issue, and I made it the day I read the article. It just looked so filling, and hearty, and cozy, and warm. Everything you want on a cold Jan. ... ...continue reading

Cinnamon Spiced Nuts and Berry Salad

Cinnamon Spiced Nuts and Berry Salad

First order of business is, I'm so sorry I've been a slacker posting anything the last few weeks. If you could see the behind the scenes you would be AMAZED at what I've accomplished! I have officially taken my blog over to my own personal domain. is up and running. All I have to do is figure out a new template, and redirect traffic, and 10,000 other things and it will be official:) So hopefully one of these next few posts you ... ...continue reading

Morning Glory Muffin


I think I might be a little out of style here.  Are muffins even IN style now?  I love muffins!  Especially when they are actually cake disguised as something less dessert-ish.  Cake minus the frosting is a muffin in my mind, and a muffin is breakfast.  It's good for you, and it's portable, and it's easy to make and full of all sorts of good things.  Muffins were probably one of the very first things I ever learned to make as a kid.  I was ... ...continue reading

Easy Cracker Toffee


I've posted this recipe before.  But it is hidden deep down in many years worth of posts, and it deserves a spot in the sunshine again!  And my picture taking skills are getting better:)  My family LOVES this stuff!!!  And it is so easy to make.  AND I usually have all the ingredients on hand.  This would be a perfect little treat for your family with Valentine's Day coming up.  Actually it would be great for Chinese New Year which begins on Jan. ... ...continue reading

Quick Kimchi Cucumbers


To be perfectly honest here, I have just barely been introduced to Kimchi.  So if you've never had it, or think it sounds nasty, you are not alone.  I've just always wasn't good!  I don't know why I would think such a thing since I absolutely LOVE sauerkraut, and this is just a Korean version of pickled or fermented cabbage. A few months ago I spent the best week with all my siblings and their spouses and our parents in ... ...continue reading

Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies


Here's a fun treat for these cold, bitter days of January.  If the response on Instagram for the photo of these lovelies is any indication of the joy these cookies can provide, well then I think you will be EXCEEDINGLY happy if you make these:) I've seen these around, but every single time I click  to find the recipe, it is ALWAYS a cake mix recipe.  I wanted the real thing.  Something that I could be proud of.  Something I could bake at the ... ...continue reading

2013 Top Ten Favorite Posts


2013 was a fantastic year!  So much happened to our little family.  Youngest child turning 2, and oldest child turned 18. Eldest son graduating from high school.  Eldest son leaving to the Adriatic South Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints one month later. 7 birthday's, the death of a favorite dog, purchase of 12 chicks that laid eggs a plenty, one minor fender bender by the cute 16 year old daughter, too many family ... ...continue reading

Tiny Spicy Chicken


Today I'm going to tell you about my all time favorite Thanksgiving.  I was probably 8ish years old, and we headed up to Twin Falls, ID to have Thanksgiving with some favorite cousins.  Now, just to clarify here.  I have so many favorite cousins.  These were cousins that we didn't get to see all that often and when we did, we had to share them with their OTHER cousins!  I hated it, but this Thanksgiving we had them all to ourselves.  I remember ... ...continue reading