The Super Secret Fugde Recipe


This is the best story! A few weeks ago while we were vacationing with James' mom and dad, I don't know how we got on the topic of food. It never crosses my mind. Anyways, James' mom was telling me about this great new fugde she made at Christmas. Now any of you out there who don't know Eileen (AKA James' mom) she is the master candy maker. Every Oct. she starts her holiday ritual of talking about the wonderful little bites she'll be making ... ...continue reading

Daring Baker #3


The February 2009 challenge is hosted by Wendy of WMPE's blog and Dharm of Dad ~ Baker & Chef.We have chosen a Chocolate Valentino cake by Chef Wan; a Vanilla Ice Cream recipe from Dharm and a Vanilla Ice Cream recipe from Wendy as the challenge.So I finished my 3rd Daring Baker Challenge and had the best time doing it. It was a chocolate flourless torte, but part of challenge was we had to make an ice cream to top it. That is right up my ... ...continue reading

The Ode to Swede

Yesterday was the last day of Swede's tenure with us at the Great Harvest in Logan Utah.  What a sad day it was.  He will be missed by more than just our little bakery family, but by many a customer.  Let me just tell you how yesterday went.  One of the girls at the bakery brought in an ice cream cake to celebrate our sadness of Swede leaving, but that was not the only offering.  Jeff over at Parts Plus who is a daily customer made his famous ... ...continue reading

This Is the Best Loaf of Bread

I love making this bread. I found this recipe about a year ago inside the covers of a Williams-Sonoma catalog. I love this catalog. It is chock full of all sorts of kitchen gidgets and gadgets, and I savor every issue. I even take it to bed at night for some great bedtime reading. Every page is earmarked with my hearts desire, and maybe throughout the year I may purchase an item or two, but of course never at Williams-Sonoma. I can't afford ... ...continue reading

Real Life is Cold!


Our family vacation is officially over, and real life has bitten me in the butt.  Really it isn't bad, just a bit cold and snowy.  I am sitting here at my kitchen table writing this post wondering where the blowing palm tree are.  All I can see is frozen cows!  We got back yesterday from a week in Kona with the kids and James' mom and dad.  It was wonderful.  Last Monday we arrived at the condo just in time to see my mom and dad off.  They had ... ...continue reading

Sugar Cookies!


I have been waiting for over a year to have a really good reason to make these cookies.  I got the recipe from my domestic goddess cousin Lindi, who got it from her good friend Debbie, and Debbie sold her soul I'm sure to come up with this recipe.  It is amazing what a little bit of lemon extract can do to a cookie.  These are delish, and delightful.  I served them at an 8-11 year old Achievement Day Talent show, and James took the rest to ... ...continue reading

Yeah!!! January is over! (and so is the Pinewood Derby)


I am always so happy when Jan. is over.  There is nothing wrong with Jan. in particular.  It is just long, cold, colder, and bleak.  I will say though, that we have had some amazingly beautiful crisp clear days.  It may only be -4' F outside, but it looks beautiful.  Thankfully it is over.  And along with Jan., the Pinewood Derby is over.  I have yet to have any  winners at the Pinewood Derby.  We have participated in four of them now, and four ... ...continue reading

I Love Cupcakes!!


These were amazing. I have been wanting to make these cupcakes for some time now, but I just didn't have a good enough excuse to make and eat 2 dozen lucious cakes. Well the day came. It was my little running buddy Erin's birthday. Now, Erin isn't just any friend. She is the kind of friend that will wake up at 4:40am to go jogging with you any time of year. I have a few of these friends, and let me tell you, just by being together at that ... ...continue reading

I Am A Daring Baker Take 2


Hey I did it again.  I completed the Daring Baker Challenge for Jan. 2009.  It was Tuiles.  If you are a Milano cookie fan that is what a Tuile is.  They were very easy to make, and I found they are almost the exact same recipe as waffle cones.  I am going to have to make them into waffle cones next time. I just rolled the warm cookie into a cigar shape and served them with Vanilla Ice Cream and fresh berries.  Sams Club had the most beautiful ... ...continue reading

Beware of Church Basketball


Yesterday we attended my nephew Jaces' homecoming.  He served his mission in Australia and now has the best Aussie accent.  It was so fun to see the whole row of Clawson's burst into huge smiles as soon as he started his report.  Australian accents are great.  His report was amazing.  Jace was such a quiet kind of guy, but his testimony was amazing.  I am so proud of what a good missionary he was and the example he set for the rest of those ... ...continue reading