Pumpkin Pancakes


I am that mother.  I am the one, who thinks about what I'm going to make for dinner all day, yet when it comes right down to actually making it, I struggle!  Nothing sounds good, everyone is heading different places all night long,  nobody will give me a suggestion on what to make, yet they're the first to grumble.  Does any of this sound familiar?  So we had pancakes last night for dinner:)  And they were good, and everyone seemed pleased, and ... ...continue reading

My Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie


I will not declare this recipe to be the best.  It's not the ultimate, or the most gourmet, but in my opinion it is perfect:)  Actually PERFECTION! SO here's my requirements for a great Chocolate Chip Cookie. I love the taste of an all butter cookie, but I have a hard time finding one that doesn't spread like a cow pie.  This one doesn't.  Nice.   I like them kind of chewy.  Not cake-y, but chewy.  I LOVE dark chocolate in them.  And not ... ...continue reading

Deep Dish Pizza


Last week as I was flipping through my Instagram feed I came across the most beautiful picture of a pizza.  I follow Bon Appetit Magazine, and I love seeing what they're cooking up in some fabulous kitchen in New York:)  They had just posted a picture of the Oct. cover of their magazine, and this Granny Pizza was the featured recipe.  Well I didn't even wait for my copy of the magazine to come.  I looked it up and made it the next day.  It was ... ...continue reading

Fresh Peach Tart


I'm back!!  I'm so sorry it took so long.  I updated my blog, changed websites, summer came and went, tons of summer vacationing, school started, and you know the list.  It goes on and on and on.  When really all it is, is a bunch of excuses!  I got lazy!  I got disheartened, and I stopped sharing.  I stopped writing, and my sister finally whipped me into shape last night and I will post my favorite recipes for YOU!  I promise:)  Just so you ... ...continue reading

Spring Green Risotto with Poached Egg


This ended up being a very light, and yummy Sunday dinner a few weeks ago.  With the appearance of lovely asparagus, and the price hitting the floor for the stuff, I knew I wanted to make this recipe.  The asparagus was blanched until just barely cooked, and the peas went in at the last moment.   But with all things lovely and wonderful and delicious, I had to add a runny egg:)  That made the whole dish I thought. There's kind of a textural ... ...continue reading

Quinoa Protein Power Waffle


I think this is probably the most used recipe at my house. It is definitely my favorite breakfast. It's not the waffle that you'd make for Saturday morning breakfast, or a big fancy family brunch. It IS the waffle that you make every other day of the week though:) The recipe is a single serving, but I can pump out a bunch of these if needed. It's usually James and Emma and I that love a good Power Waffle. That's what we call them around here. A ... ...continue reading

Helen’s Brownies


So who's Helen?  I've written about these brownies before, but you know sometimes things need to be brought back to the surface for people to enjoy!  Helen is my cousins OTHER grandma.  She's not my granny, but she was an amazing cook!  Helen gave me a tupperware container of these brownies for my wedding.  Something to take on the honeymoon.  I thought it was so thoughtful of her, and a really nice gesture.  James and I loved them, and to this ... ...continue reading

Fajita Chicken Burritos


This is IT!!  I love this recipe!!  I love it!!  I love the use of leftovers (Baked Chicken Fajitas are the leftover of choice.)  to create this yummy, portable meal.  And let's be completely honest here.  I'm not sure it's a recipe as much as a suggestion of how to make something delicious!  You can add or delete any ingredient and make these Burritos all yours. You're individual little bit of heaven.  My family loves this meal, and when I make ... ...continue reading

Baked Chicken Fajitas


So I have a duel motive for posting this recipe today.  It's dang tasty, and delicious, but when you make a HUGE batch, it's what you make with the leftovers that is my absolute favorite thing!  Killed two birds with one stone, or in other words, 2 meals out of one dish.  That is a huge win win.  You've probably seen these Baked Fajitas around pinterest.  That's where I found it.  I've simplified the recipes I found and totally Lisa-ized it, and ... ...continue reading

Quick Udon Noodle Soup


Again I will confess that soup IS my most favorite food on the planet!  I love it, and I don't care what time of year it is, I will eat soup.  When I'm at a restaurant, and asked if I would like soup or salad probably 7 out of ten times I'll get soup.  Actually I lied there.  If it is a restaurant that serves homemade, different, maybe even exotic soups then it is 10 out of 10 times.  Other places I don't bother since I'm somewhat of a soup ... ...continue reading